The UK market is changing.. Are you?

The UK is changing. We’re living longer, getting more technologically advanced and most importantly, living in a diverse society. Is this important? We think it is. We’re talking about multicultural marketing. Most people translate that to mean ethnic minorities, but that isn’t, and shouldn’t be, the case. What is culture? Cultures do not remain static. They change and evolve over time and are influenced by exposure to others from around the globe. And that’s what’s happening to the UK today. All cultures are evolving together, influencing one another. We now make a mosaic society – shimmering tiles of various colours, pieced together to create a masterpiece – the UK. Ignore one, and the picture is incomplete. Some people think it’s just a phase. Others think it’s getting harder to communicate to an increasingly diversified market. We think otherwise. A challenge? Yes. Impossible? Not a chance.
Saad Saraf
Mediareach Advertising


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