10 Steps you need to take before choosing an effective ethnic & multicultural advertising and communications agency.

1. Professional Competence
The agency must demonstrate high levels of professional competence in the eyes of their peers, clients and suppliers.

2. Professional Development
The agency is committed to the development of outstanding staff talent through qualifications, craft skills training and Continuous Professional Development (CPD).

3. Market Leaders
The agency should be a proven leaders and have comprehensive knowledge in the ethnic and multicultural market. Check the history of the agency and the campaign work they have done

4. Information and Intelligence
The agency should have access to data, statistics and case studies to share with the client. Look at their case studies and check the quality of their work

5. Accreditation
Check if agency is accredited by any professional advertising bodies. Accredited agencies receive expert advice to ensure their work is legally and regulatory compliant.

6. Research the Agency
Read about the agency and ask their clients for references

7. Proven Effectiveness
As a client you must insist on evaluation, ROI and value for money and check if agency have won any awards.

8. Chemistry
Meet the teams and look at the staff and agency capabilities

9. Financial Stability
The agency must demonstrate financial stability and it is the client duty to check their financial situation to ascertain their strength

10. ISBA Recommended
ISBA, the voice of British advertisers,recommends IPA member agencies

Saad Saraf
Media Reach Advertising

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